Programme Update: September 2017

Progress Update

Firstly, we would like to thank all our residents and the local community for bearing with us whilst we carried out the demolition of the West stair core works.

Tonbridge Walk was closed for 6 months and has now been reopened as a public walkway as of Monday 18th September 2017.

You may have noticed that we have been progressively removing the scaffolding to the East elevation as reported in last months edition.  This is now complete and we have now removed part of the South elevation scaffold.  There has been some scaffold left due to the location of the crane and the haki staircase, which has planned removal for the first quarter of next year.

September/October Update

Our target date to complete the demolition works of the West stair is 27th September 2017, and the works are currently at level 1 to ground floor.  You may have heard noisy works being carried out later than usual.  There will be noisy works up until 20:00hrs on weekedays and at weekends until 16:00hrs until the finish date above. Noisy works will re-commence as of 21st September 2017.  Due to exams in the Camden Centre, we put these works on hold.

The basements continue to progress well with decorations to the blockwork walls and ceilings completed. There are areas of Basement 2 which will require a resin paint.  This paint is laid as it provides a hard wearing substrate in aggressive environments with chemical spillages or frequent traffic on the floors.

There have been numerous pieces of plant that has been delivered ready for installation.  Sections of the AHU (Air Handling Unit) has been delivered, and this plant will be used to regulate and circulate air as part of a heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning.

Between levels 9 and 10 of the new steelworks frame we are currently installing the curtain wall frame work.  The frame work consists of sections of aluminium which are placed and fixed onto pre-installed brackets.  This stick like framework is lowered into place using a Spider Crane.  These pieces come pre-made from Germany.

September Gallery (click to open):

Important Update: Tonbridge Walk Works

We are very glad to announce that Tonbridge Walk was re-opened on 18 September 2017.

The demolition works to the west core will continue up until 25 September 2017.

  • Saturday working hours will be until 4pm
  • Weekday evening working until 8pm
  • The above hours will remain until the west stair core demo works are completed until 27 September 2017.

Please see gallery below for:

  • Re-opening of Tonbridge Walk on 18 September 2017.
  • Demolition of west stair including ground floor slab target completion is 27 September 2017.
  • Adaptions to hoarding prior to the Tonbridge Walk route change 06 December 2017 – 08 December 2017.
  • Removal of scaffolding to West elevation 08 February 2018 – 14 February 2018.


Programme Update: August 2017

Progress Update

Removal of the east elevation scaffold has commenced. We will progressively be removing each scaffold lift. Before each lift is removed, the scaffold fixings which tied the scaffold securely to the building will be removed and mastic re-applied to fill in the holes where the scaffold ties were. Once the mastic is applied and cured, a final clean of the elevation will be carried out using a high pressured jet washer. As reported in last months edition, on levels 9-11  scaffolding has been erected in preparation of the cladding works that are due to commence.  We are have covered the scaffold in monoflex as per the rest of the project, this is for protection of both the public and site operatives.

July/August Update

The west stair core demolition is progressing well, we have removed the roof level of the stair core down to level 8. The demolition work is being carried out using the the robotic breaking machine called a BROKK, which nibbles and breaks out the structure.

In Basements 1 & 2 decoration has commenced and is progressing well. We are painting the blockwork walls, existing walls and ceilings in both basements as well as resin floor paint to allow the large M&E plant items to be delivered and installed.

We have 5 lifts in total on this project and we have reached the stage of installation. The cars will be delivered to site and built withing the lift shafts, this applies to all of the lifts.

The Triplex lift (3no) will serve basement level 1 to level 10, the VIP lift will serve basement 2 to level 10 and the goods lift will serve B2 to level 11.

The next stage of roofing works has commenced and we are currently laying the thick white polystyrene slabs of insulation. The insulation acts as an acoustic and thermal barrier ensuring the hotel meets the latest standards in the industry.

August Gallery (click to open):

Programme Update: June 2017

Progress Update

You may have passed the project recently and seen the large Apple banner being installed. The banner is currently being changed and will now show the actual  existing cladding along with the Apple logo in the centre.

Furthermore, due to the high levels of rough sleepers congregating in Argyle Street, we have now closed Argyle Street with the permission from Camden Council.  We have ensured that relevant signage has been put in place both for pedestrains and road users.

June/July Update

Level 8 screeding internally has now commenced and the final pour to the remaining East will be in the next few weeks.

Temporary steelwork which has been supporting all new core installations are continuing to be removed. This is good news as it allows us to follow on with other trades works.

Scaffolding is being erected to the perimeter of the new steelwork frame. Starting on the level 8 to level 11, the scaffolding will be erected to allow for the installation of the cladding.

In both basement 1 and basement 2, the blockwork walls continue. In basement 1 the blockwork is different, these blocks are ivory in colour and are fair faced for front of house areas. In basement 2 they are normal standard grey blocks which in some front of house areas will need to be painted white.

As member of the Considerate Constructors Scheme, we are audited every 6 months. There are a number of categories in which we prove we are complying with. Our latest audit was carried out on 2nd June 2017 which we passed with flying colours with a score of 42 which is an A1 star rating!  A big congratulations to all those involved in the process!

This month’s Green Card Award winner was Richard De Silva of Michael J Lonsdale for his proactive and intelligent thinking with regards to safety when materials are being distributed horizontally around site.

June Gallery (click to open):

Programme Update: May 2017

Progress Update

The west stair core demolition works are due to commence this week (w/c 22/05/17).

We will be putting up extra signage around the surrounding area to inform members of the public of the closure of Tonbridge Walk. This was brought to our attention at the monthly CLG meeting, that pedestrians were still heading to walk through Tonbridge Walk.

The final level of the building has been poured and we celebrated this milestone by hosting a Topping Out Ceremony at the end of April. As well as the project team, the local cabinet member for community and Cllr Jonathan Simpson was in attendance. Apart from the rain, the ceremony was a great success!

May/June Update

We have now reached the final level of the construction of the internal lift shaft walls. The lift will run from basement 2 level up to level 10.

Works to the domestic risers are progressing well with a number of services and equipment being installed. We have also begun with the mechanical and electrical.

Externally, the scenic lift is in full swing. Excavations are underway and approx 4 metres of earth has been removed. The pile caps have been exposed and will be cut down to assist in the enabling works of the new slab for the base of the new lift.


Our next Considerate Constructors visit will be taking place in June and the site team is preparing for it to ensure a higher score from the last visit.

We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome our new Project Director, Robin Norman to the Camden Town Hall Annexe team. Robin has joined us from Mace Construction where he worked for a number of years as a Project Director. Robin will be overseeing the project and we look forward to working alongside him!

May Gallery (click to open):

Programme Update: April 2017

Progress Update

 As reported in last months edition, we have closed Tonbridge Walk for the demolition works that will be taking place in the west stair core.  The scaffolding aspect of the works are now complete and we are currently covering it in the white monoflex covering for protection.

We are now at the final stages of completing level 11, which is the final level of the building. The main section of the floor plate has now been concreted and we expect the rest of the concreting to be fully completed w/c 24 April 2017.

To mark this milestone of the project we have organised a Topping Out Ceremony which will be held on level 11.

April/May Update

Internally works are progressing well. We have now reached level 2 with the drylining metal works, and from levels 6 to 4 we are currently boarding the rooms.

Mechanical & electrical works continue in the risers, pipework for LTHW & chilled water, rainwater and gas are being installed. Also, the installation of the ductwork system which will supply the fresh air supply extract to the rooms and corridors.

Externally, level 8 blockwork installation to the goods lift has commenced and will continue up to level 11. The goods lift on the lower levels were constructed using a shuttering system to form the shape, rebar added to stregthen and then poured with concrete. This system increased the strength of the existing structure to support the new floors added.

Waterproofing to level 8 external areas has commenced using a Permaquik Hot Melt system. First a primer is applied (photo below), then a hot melt bitumen is applied followed by a felt membrane on top. This system will protect the slab from any water ingress seeping below.

Planned works April/May

  • Installation of pipework and electrical equipment in risers continue
  • Level 11 blockwork continues
  • West Core demolition
  • Waterproofing level 8
  • Removal of Temporary Steelwork continues
  • Dry lining bedrooms continue

April gallery (click to open):

Programme Update: March 2017

Progress Update

On level 8 the blockwork walls and steel wind posts have started to go up. Wind posts are used to stop any damage from the abnormal horizontal forces imposed by high wind speeds. After the blockwork walls have been installed they will then be insulated and covered by a timber cladding system.

The basement is also progressing well with blockwork. Walls are going up and rooms and corridors are starting to be formed. Many of the plant rooms will be located in this area. The Low Voltage switchroom is also in construction but is formed out of brickwork. This is a requirement long standing with UKPN.

The final section of the level 8 screening will be completed this month. This had to be carried in stages due to other works coinciding or due to the Great British weather!

March/April Update

The final section which is the east elevation of level 11 is waiting to be decked out with the metal rib decking as per levels 9 & 10. We are also currently setting out the where the steel stubs will need to be placed to allow for a mansafe system to be installed (this allows operatives to carry out works safely by being clipped on to a wired system on the perimeter edge). Along with the mansafe, the plant louvre stubs will be installed as per last months edition. Once the stubs have been installed level 11 will be concreted.

As reported in last month’s edition Tonbridge walk will be closed for approximately 6 months. Click here to see details & map of diversions.

We will be putting up extra signage to help with this transition and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Planned works March/April

  • Installation of pipework and electrical equipment in risers
  • Level 8 façade work continues
  • West core demolition
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Removal of temporary steelwork
  • Dry lining bedrooms

March gallery (click to open):


Important Update: Tonbridge Walk Closure

There will be a need to close Tonbridge Walk due to the demolition of the west core staircase which is currently linked to the Camden Town Hall.

This will take place in the first quarter of this year and will be closed for approximately six months. Scaffolding will be erected for the west core works this week (w/c 20th February 2017) and will be in place for approximately 30 weeks.

For any questions or queries, please e-mail: townhallannexe@mclarengroup.com

Programme Update: February 2017

Progress Update

The C Shape wall demolition has now been completed and is now fully erected up to the underside of the level 3. The C shape wall will provide support for all new core works.

We have now completed the new steel upper floor slabs for levels 9 & 10. The last areas on the east elevation have now been poured and the roof element is currently being installed. The roof will consist of plant, walkways and green roof areas.

The goods lift works are progressing well and we have currently poured up to level 6. The goods lift will eventually serve up to level 10 with an overun finishing at level 11. There will a plant screen louvre installed to hide the plant and the goods lift over run. This will also act as a de-markation for the green roof and access.

Tonbridge Walk closure

There will be a need to close Tonbridge Walk due to the demolition of the west core staircase which is currently linked to the Camden Town Hall. This will take place in the first quarter of this year and will be closed for approximately six months. Scaffolding will be erected for the west core works this week (w/c 20th February 2017) and will be in place for approximately 30 weeks.

Planned works February/March

  • Goods lift works continues
  • Level 8 façade work commences
  • West core demolition
  • Scenic lift works continues
  • Removal of temporary steelwork

Green Card Award

Health & Safety is a big part of construction life and here at McLaren we like to award those who go that extra mile in reporting near misses and suggestions. This month the Green Card Award was given to the IWP Dansk operative, Daniel Moldoveanu along with £50 John Lewis vouchers by McLaren Project Manager Jonathan Fassihi. This will be matched by Daniels employers IWP Dansk.  Congratulations Daniel!

February gallery (click to open):

Programme Update: December 2016

Progress Update

We have now finished the demolition of the C-Shape wall.  As reported in previous editions, the C-Shape wall has been constructed along with extra perimeter steelwork to help support the new steelwork on the roof.

Planned works December/January

  • Goods lift works continues
  • Hoist & hoist Landing January 2017
  • Roof extension work continues
  • Screeding to 8th floor terraces continues
  • Concrete pour to level 10 January 2017
  • Scenic lift works continues

Green Card Award

Health & Safety is a big part of construction life and here at McLaren we like to award those who go that extra mile in reporting near misses and suggestions. This month the Green Card Award was given to the Wellmax Scaffolding operative, Javan Clarke along with £50 John Lewis vouchers by our Site Manager Christiaan Steyn.

Christmas Shutdown

The site will be closed for the Christmas shutdown from Friday 23rd December 2016 and will re-open on Tuesday 3rd January 2017.


From all at McLaren we would like to wish all our neighbours a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!!!