Programme Update: October 2017

Progress Update


You will be pleased to know (and hear) that the majority of the large demolition works on the West core has been completed.  We have reached the ground floor  and will now be clearing rubble into skips and carrying out remedial works using  a small digger and breakers.  The next step is to concrete infill the ground floor slab where the stair was located.

Due to the removal of the West stair core link bridge there is now what is called a scar wall on the Camden Centre building. The scar will be repaired to match the existing stonework and a new opening formed to allow new windows will be installed.

We have created an ‘Advanced’ room on level 6 which showcases the ‘Standard’ entry level room. The room has been decorated, bathroom fitted and will be furnished accordingly.




The construction of the scenic lift has now begun.  Concrete was poured into 4 metre timber framework to form the lift pit base.  This will allow access to and from the motor room for any repairs, maintenance etc.  Once completed the scenic lift will run externally on the outside of the building on the Euston Road elevation from ground floor up to level 10.

On the Argyle Street side of the building demolition works are being carried out to remove the existing entrance.  This involves the removal of the existing stairs and paving that leads up to the building.  We will be reinstating new steps and a disabled access ramp.


The ground floor works have now commenced.  Risers and front of house rooms have now been built in drylining.  The ground floor consists of one of two restaurants, and will be fitted out by a specialist fit out company.

Throughout the upper floors of the building the internal M&E works continue.  Domestic risers  containing pipework, fan coil units being installed, ductwork runs and drylining wall closures.