Programme Update: October 2016

As you may well have seen, all elevations of scaffolding have now been covered by the white sheeting called monarflex. This helps to contain any debris etc from the trades working externally from falling out onto the pedestrian areas and other site operatives working within the site boundary. Also, we have installed our new Crosstree and McLaren banner which helps to conceal the lower gantry scaffold.


At our monthly CLG meetings it was brought to our attention that Tonbridge Walk was still lacking in lighting levels and that dark corners were a problem. We have now added extra lighting, the dark corners have been boarded out and a mirror to help with the blind spots.


Progress Update


As mentioned in last month's update, the roof steelwork has commenced. Since then it has advanced considerably, as you can now see from Euston Road. The picture shown depicts the completed extension of the three new floors.


Behind the monarflex works are progressing well on the removal of the existing windows. We plan to start installation of the new and improved windows in the next few weeks from level 1 to level 7.


The C shape wall has now progressed from our sub-basement level to the ground floor. It is a long and arduous process which involves breaking through each slab, but works will be ongoing over the next few months.


Planned works October/November


  • Façade cleaning continues
  • Goods lift works continues
  • Window removal/replacements
  • Roof extension work continues
  • Screed Repairs


The latest Green Card Award winner was Damian Matusiak.


We would also like to announce and welcome our new members to the project team: Deva Kandiah our new Senior Engineer and Jane O'Neill our new Site Secretary.