Programme Update: March 2017

Progress Update


On level 8 the blockwork walls and steel wind posts have started to go up. Wind posts are used to stop any damage from the abnormal horizontal forces imposed by high wind speeds. After the blockwork walls have been installed they will then be insulated and covered by a timber cladding system.


The basement is also progressing well with blockwork. Walls are going up and rooms and corridors are starting to be formed. Many of the plant rooms will be located in this area. The Low Voltage switchroom is also in construction but is formed out of brickwork. This is a requirement long standing with UKPN.


The final section of the level 8 screening will be completed this month. This had to be carried in stages due to other works coinciding or due to the Great British weather!


March/April Update


The final section which is the east elevation of level 11 is waiting to be decked out with the metal rib decking as per levels 9 & 10. We are also currently setting out the where the steel stubs will need to be placed to allow for a mansafe system to be installed (this allows operatives to carry out works safely by being clipped on to a wired system on the perimeter edge). Along with the mansafe, the plant louvre stubs will be installed as per last months edition. Once the stubs have been installed level 11 will be concreted.


As reported in last month’s edition Tonbridge walk will be closed for approximately 6 months. Click here to see details & map of diversions.


We will be putting up extra signage to help with this transition and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Planned works March/April


  • Installation of pipework and electrical equipment in risers
  • Level 8 façade work continues
  • West core demolition
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Removal of temporary steelwork
  • Dry lining bedrooms