Programme Update: June 2017

Progress Update


You may have passed the project recently and seen the large Apple banner being installed. The banner is currently being changed and will now show the actual  existing cladding along with the Apple logo in the centre.


Furthermore, due to the high levels of rough sleepers congregating in Argyle Street, we have now closed Argyle Street with the permission from Camden Council.  We have ensured that relevant signage has been put in place both for pedestrains and road users.


June/July Update


Level 8 screeding internally has now commenced and the final pour to the remaining East will be in the next few weeks.


Temporary steelwork which has been supporting all new core installations are continuing to be removed. This is good news as it allows us to follow on with other trades works.


Scaffolding is being erected to the perimeter of the new steelwork frame. Starting on the level 8 to level 11, the scaffolding will be erected to allow for the installation of the cladding.


In both basement 1 and basement 2, the blockwork walls continue. In basement 1 the blockwork is different, these blocks are ivory in colour and are fair faced for front of house areas. In basement 2 they are normal standard grey blocks which in some front of house areas will need to be painted white.


As member of the Considerate Constructors Scheme, we are audited every 6 months. There are a number of categories in which we prove we are complying with. Our latest audit was carried out on 2nd June 2017 which we passed with flying colours with a score of 42 which is an A1 star rating!  A big congratulations to all those involved in the process!


This month's Green Card Award winner was Richard De Silva of Michael J Lonsdale for his proactive and intelligent thinking with regards to safety when materials are being distributed horizontally around site.