Programme Update: June 2016

The works have progressed well on the Camden Town Hall Annexe site in June.


McLaren Construction has commenced with the demolition works in the SE corner of the roof.  This is being removed by using the Brokk - a robotic breaking machine. The demolition will be carried out in stages, breaking from the east to the west of the building.


Plantroom overrun has now been removed along with a soft strip works, which consisted of insulation and bitumen felt that covered the roof slab and overrun.


A number of props have been placed on the underside of the roof and on the lower floors. These props were placed in areas which the loads on the roof are going to be particularly heavy.


Scaffolding to the Argyle Street elevation is progressing well and we have now reached the 5th floor of the building.


The opening for the crane has now been completed and is ready for the installation of the crane. The opening spans from the sub-basement up to the ground floor garden area.