Programme Update: February 2017

Progress Update


The C Shape wall demolition has now been completed and is now fully erected up to the underside of the level 3. The C shape wall will provide support for all new core works.


We have now completed the new steel upper floor slabs for levels 9 & 10. The last areas on the east elevation have now been poured and the roof element is currently being installed. The roof will consist of plant, walkways and green roof areas.


The goods lift works are progressing well and we have currently poured up to level 6. The goods lift will eventually serve up to level 10 with an overun finishing at level 11. There will a plant screen louvre installed to hide the plant and the goods lift over run. This will also act as a de-markation for the green roof and access.


Tonbridge Walk closure


There will be a need to close Tonbridge Walk due to the demolition of the west core staircase which is currently linked to the Camden Town Hall. This will take place in the first quarter of this year and will be closed for approximately six months. Scaffolding will be erected for the west core works this week (w/c 20th February 2017) and will be in place for approximately 30 weeks.


Planned works February/March


  • Goods lift works continues
  • Level 8 façade work commences
  • West core demolition
  • Scenic lift works continues
  • Removal of temporary steelwork


Green Card Award


Health & Safety is a big part of construction life and here at McLaren we like to award those who go that extra mile in reporting near misses and suggestions. This month the Green Card Award was given to the IWP Dansk operative, Daniel Moldoveanu along with £50 John Lewis vouchers by McLaren Project Manager Jonathan Fassihi. This will be matched by Daniels employers IWP Dansk.  Congratulations Daniel!