Programme Update: August 2017

Progress Update


Removal of the east elevation scaffold has commenced. We will progressively be removing each scaffold lift. Before each lift is removed, the scaffold fixings which tied the scaffold securely to the building will be removed and mastic re-applied to fill in the holes where the scaffold ties were. Once the mastic is applied and cured, a final clean of the elevation will be carried out using a high pressured jet washer. As reported in last months edition, on levels 9-11  scaffolding has been erected in preparation of the cladding works that are due to commence.  We are have covered the scaffold in monoflex as per the rest of the project, this is for protection of both the public and site operatives.


July/August Update


The west stair core demolition is progressing well, we have removed the roof level of the stair core down to level 8. The demolition work is being carried out using the the robotic breaking machine called a BROKK, which nibbles and breaks out the structure.


In Basements 1 & 2 decoration has commenced and is progressing well. We are painting the blockwork walls, existing walls and ceilings in both basements as well as resin floor paint to allow the large M&E plant items to be delivered and installed.


We have 5 lifts in total on this project and we have reached the stage of installation. The cars will be delivered to site and built withing the lift shafts, this applies to all of the lifts.


The Triplex lift (3no) will serve basement level 1 to level 10, the VIP lift will serve basement 2 to level 10 and the goods lift will serve B2 to level 11.


The next stage of roofing works has commenced and we are currently laying the thick white polystyrene slabs of insulation. The insulation acts as an acoustic and thermal barrier ensuring the hotel meets the latest standards in the industry.