Programme Update: April 2017

Progress Update


 As reported in last months edition, we have closed Tonbridge Walk for the demolition works that will be taking place in the west stair core.  The scaffolding aspect of the works are now complete and we are currently covering it in the white monoflex covering for protection.


We are now at the final stages of completing level 11, which is the final level of the building. The main section of the floor plate has now been concreted and we expect the rest of the concreting to be fully completed w/c 24 April 2017.


To mark this milestone of the project we have organised a Topping Out Ceremony which will be held on level 11.


April/May Update


Internally works are progressing well. We have now reached level 2 with the drylining metal works, and from levels 6 to 4 we are currently boarding the rooms.


Mechanical & electrical works continue in the risers, pipework for LTHW & chilled water, rainwater and gas are being installed. Also, the installation of the ductwork system which will supply the fresh air supply extract to the rooms and corridors.


Externally, level 8 blockwork installation to the goods lift has commenced and will continue up to level 11. The goods lift on the lower levels were constructed using a shuttering system to form the shape, rebar added to stregthen and then poured with concrete. This system increased the strength of the existing structure to support the new floors added.


Waterproofing to level 8 external areas has commenced using a Permaquik Hot Melt system. First a primer is applied (photo below), then a hot melt bitumen is applied followed by a felt membrane on top. This system will protect the slab from any water ingress seeping below.


Planned works April/May


  • Installation of pipework and electrical equipment in risers continue
  • Level 11 blockwork continues
  • West Core demolition
  • Waterproofing level 8
  • Removal of Temporary Steelwork continues
  • Dry lining bedrooms continue